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Opening academic year

Join us for the opening academic year 2014-2015 on Monday 1 September 2014 at TU Delft. Register now!

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Research at TU Delft

TU Delft Formula Student team wins Silverstone

The Formula Student team of TU Delft, DUT Racing, has achieved the first success of the season.

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New polymer extends the lifespan of concrete

Alginate, a biopolymer that can be produced from waste water, extends the lifespan of concrete with 20 years.

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Entrepreneurship TU Delft

Wanted: Entrepreneurs

Students and staff of TU Delft do every year new inventions and have lots of ideas for innovative techniques...

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Statically balanced brake

A method to reduce the energy consumption and actuation force of brakes. Many applications require brakes, for instance...

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