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Olaf van Campenhout is TU Delft’s Best Graduate

TU Delft’s Best Graduate for the 2015-2016 academic year was chosen on 17 November.

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Alumni map of the world

Get in touch with fellow TU Delft Alumni around the world...

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Research at TU Delft

Virtual sleep coach effective against insomnia

The interactive app developed by TU Delft, Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam to help people with...

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More insight into Crohn’s disease

Researchers Robiël Naziroglu and Frans Vos have developed a method for improving the assessment of MRI images in cases...

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Business at TU Delft

Industry and knowledge institutions join forces in Dutch Optics Centre

Dutch companies in the optical manufacturing industry can strengthen their position in the global market by joining...

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National ‘Sportinnovator’ Award for ‘measurement-cycle’

TU Delft’s Sports Engineering Institute won the SportInnovator Award for its project ‘Faster and safer cornering with...

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