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Master Event

Planning to start a TU Delft's master programme? Then join us at the Master Event on 24 November 2016. Register now!

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Alumni map of the world

Get in touch with fellow TU Delft alumni around the world...

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Research at TU Delft

Caspar Chorus about love in Universiteit van Nederland

De best professors of The Netherlands give free online lectures. Today, Caspar Chorus will tell about love. His lecture...

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First solar-powered wireless charging station for electric bikes

Pavol Bauer said, "This is a major step forward in terms of sustainable transport and accelerating the energy...

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Business at TU Delft

Industry and knowledge institutions join forces in Dutch Optics Centre

Dutch companies in the optical manufacturing industry can strengthen their position in the global market by joining...

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National ‘Sportinnovator’ Award for ‘measurement-cycle’

TU Delft’s Sports Engineering Institute won the SportInnovator Award for its project ‘Faster and safer cornering with...

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