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Livestream lecture Nobel Laureate Prof. Steven Chu

Watch the lecture of Prof. Steven Chu, Stanford University, live on Friday 24 June at 18:00.

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Pre-University Calculus

Thinking of applying for an engineering or science bachelor? Improve your maths skills by following this course!

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Research at TU Delft

The future of autonomous driving in 8 papers

Autonomous vehicles are coming to our streets. We don ‘t know yet all the shapes and sizes they will come in and how...

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Materials in motion

How can we make new materials – developed for industry, for example – useful for ordinary people? This is the subject...

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Business at TU Delft

EU Vice-President Mr. Timmermans visits TU Delft fieldlabs

The latest ground-breaking innovations that are being developed, built and tested in the field of climate change and...

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Investment fund for startups in the proof-of-concept phase

The new fund UNIIQ enables 22 mln. Euros for startups who want to commercialize promising technology...

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