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Master of Science

Master programmes

TU Delft offers some 40 English-language MSc programmes. The programme duration is two years. The first year comprises theoretical study, assignments and laboratory work. The second year is largely devoted to thesis work, which involves participating in one of the university's advanced research or design projects or taking an internship or research assignment within a company.

Problem-oriented, creative, innovative, learning by doing. Our objective is to produce graduates who are critical independent thinkers so they later become engineers capable of independently solving problems. The curriculum focuses to a great extent on analysis and problem-solving in groups, and the writing of papers. During your study, guidance and assistance will be available at all times.

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Studying at TU Delft

This website not only offers information about our Master’s degree programmes but you can also find out more about Studying at TU Delft. It covers subjects such as study facilities, information activities, admission and application, finances, student life, finding accommodation, and information for international students, for example. 

Overview TU Delft's MSc programmes

You can get two different overviews of TU Delft’s master’s programmes:

  • a list of all master’s programmes and their associated tracks
  • a list of master’s programmes by theme

International Student Ambassadors

With over 100 nationalities-- 30% of our MSc students and even over 60% of our PhD students-- being international students, we can honestly say that you will become part of a truly international community. Curious about what it is like to be an international student at TU Delft? Contact our Student Ambassadors.

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