From HBO to TU Delft

If you’ve earned a HBO degree, you are eligible to enrol in a TU Delft programme. Depending on the diploma, you can begin either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s programme:

Transferring into a Bachelor’s programme with a ‘HBO propedeuse’ following the first year of a HBO programme

If you’ve earned a ‘HBO propedeuse’ at the end of your first year in a HBO programme, you can, under certain conditions, begin in the first year of a TU Delft Bachelor’s programme in the same field of study. Link to additional information

Enrolment in a Master’s programme with a HBO Bachelor’s degree

A HBO Bachelor’s degree does not confer immediate admission to a Master’s programme. To enrol in the Master’s programme, you will first need to follow a supplemental programme to meet TU Delft’s requirements. You can do this during your HBO programme via a ‘transfer minor’, or following completion of the HBO programme via a bridging programme. Additional information.
It is also possible to enrol in a programme that is not related to your HBO programme. In that case, you should contact an academic counsellor in the programme you are interested in.


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