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TU Delft

The TU Delft leads the way in research into technological innovations. Students from TU Delft have been responsible for highly impressive projects: take, for example, the solar energy-powered car Nuna, the flying robot Delfly and not to forget, the Plakkies.


At TU Delft, you can choose from a whole range of Bachelor and Master degree programmes, as well as postgraduate courses including PhDs. All the programmes encourage and demand critical thought and creativity. TU Delft’s excellent research and education standards are backed by outstanding facilities, research institutes and research schools.

Fascinated by technology

Problem-oriented, creative, innovative, learning by doing, teamwork. If you long to find creative solutions to everyday problems, then TU Delft is the place for you. TU Delft will inspire you to find technological solutions, even to the less obvious problems, whether these involve energy-saving transport, sustainable building methods or new, better designed products. Developing products and technology that people love to use to enhance human and social progress: that is what it’s all about.


We are committed to the international exchange of knowledge. TU Delft works closely with international companies and universities. You will meet countless international students and staff here at the university. At present, approximately 14% of the student population is made up of foreign students; the average percentage in the MSc programmes is as high as 30%.

Your programme will give you ample opportunity to broaden your international horizons by adding an international touch to your internship, project or thesis subject.

Good prospects

A degree programme at TU Delft will turn you into a professional with a sound, technological training, analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems unaided. All these competencies are valuable assets on the employment market. TU Delft maintains close links with (inter)national industry, a strategic alliance contributing to the relevance of its academic programmes and career prospects for its graduates. The degree programmes provide ample opportunity for you to carry out research, projects, an internship or a final thesis within a company. This will give you a head-start during the early days of your career.



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