TU Delft’s 170th anniversary


WATER is everywhere. It brings us life and prosperity. We build on water. We export our expertise on water. We love water. Yet it is a love-hate relationship, because water also takes back. We are confronted by coastal erosion, rising sea levels and falling water tables; by flooding in our cities and drought in agricultural areas. Can we predict what water will do, can we manage it, share it out? Is it the new gold, or an age-old foe? One thing is for sure: we cannot get by without WATER 

In the history of the Netherlands, water has been an important and decisive factor for the development of its character, culture and technology. Overseas trade, inland shipping, dikes, polders, water mills, the fireboat and water purification are just a few examples of this. 

The area of attention of the anniversary, the southern part of the Randstad (the Amsterdam Metropolis Region), largely owes its existence to dikes and polders and its prosperity to the maritime trade.

In the areas of attention for the future economic development of the Netherlands, water will continue to play an important role as one of the top sectors. This applies to a broad area of activities and fields of knowledge related to water.

In addition, water is a subject that is researched to a greater or lesser degree in all our faculties. From urban water to the satellites that photograph our oceans, and everything that lies in between (also physically in the TU Delft Quarter).

The above, plus the great future challenges that face the world and the Netherlands in the fields of protection against water, transport over water and the availability of clean water make the theme of Water an obvious choice for TU Delft’s anniversary theme in 2012.

The purpose of our anniversary activities is to show the outside world that TU Delft has the largest and broadest selection of education and research projects in the field of water, including delta technology, water technology and maritime engineering. 

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