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Number of international Master's students at TU Delft rises by some 45%

29 June 2015

For the coming academic year TU Delft expects around 2,000 new international students, a rise by some 45% compared to last year. Most of them (about 1500) are coming to Delft to do a Master's degree programme. One third of the Delft Master's students are now international students, two thirds of whom come from outside the EU.Continue


TU Delft students break world record with human-powered submarine

02 July 2015

Last night in Maryland (US), TU Delft students broke the world speed record for human-powered submarines. They achieved a speed of 7.42 knots (13.74 km/h) with their WASUB V. The previous record of 13.49 km/h had been held by students from the École de technologie supérieure, a Canadian university. The Delft students broke the world record during the International Submarine Races, a competition...Continue


Research with 'Delft' neutrons shows that Li-ion batteries can be far more efficient

25 June 2015

Scientists from TU Delft have recently conducted research that has shed more light on how popular rechargeable Li-ion batteries work. The new insights gained into the exact behaviour of the lithium-ions in these batteries mean that they can now be made more efficient and will be faster to charge too. The researchers in question recently had an article about their research published in the journal...Continue


Dirk Jan van den Berg leaving TU Delft

25 June 2015

Dirk Jan van den Berg will be leaving TU Delft on 1 September 2015. Dirk Jan van den Berg will be stepping down as President of the Executive Board TU Delft on 1 September. He will continue his career as Chairman of the Executive Board of Sanquin by the same date. Dirk Jan van den Berg was appointed as President of the Executive Board of the TU Delft on 1 March 2008, after a comprehensive...Continue


TU Delft extends collaborative academic program with Latin America for three more years

25 June 2015

On the 24th of June 2015, the Board of TU Delft decided to continue its collaborative academic research and education program with Latin America from its office in Brazil. A budget of approximately 1 mln euro has been allocated from its strategic funds to support further consolidation of the collaboration with an extended program and thereby continue its Brazilian office for another term of three...Continue


The Hague: +83 centimetre rise in sea level, and possibly much higher

23 June 2015

Rising sea levels in northern Europe could be much higher than previously anticipated. So say researchers from a number of institutions including TU Delft in an article on this subject published this week in the journal Climate Research.Continue


Squares, triangles, circles: regardless of their form, bacteria can figure out where to split (... with a little help from Alan Turing)

22 June 2015

The E.coli bacterium, a very common resident of people’s intestines, is shaped as a tiny rod about 3 micrometers long. For the first time, scientists from the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University have found a way to use nanotechnology to grow living E.coli bacteria into very different shapes: squares, triangles, circles, and even as letters spelling out ‘TU Delft’. They also managed...Continue


TU Delft students design mechanical baseball pitcher

20 June 2015

On 17 June, 65 teams of first-year Mechanical Engineering students competed against each other with mechanical baseball pitchers of their own design and construction. It proved no easy task to ensure that the balls were launched with just the right force. Continue


Climate change enforced by thinning of stratocumulus clouds

17 June 2015

The precise role that clouds play in climate change has not been clarified yet. However, researcher Johan van der Dussen has been able to demonstrate that so-called stratocumulus clouds will probably become thinner as a result of global warming and that this in turn will lead to an additional temperature increase. Van der Dussen completed his research in close collaboration with the Royal...Continue


Airborne Wind Energy Conference at TU Delft: everything about airborne wind turbines

12 June 2015

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is the use of tethered large-scale kites to harness wind energy at a high altitude. There has been significant growth in research and development of AWE in the past decade. The 2015 Airborne Wind Energy Conference will be held at TU Delft on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 June and will cover all the latest information on this new technology. Continue


New TU Delft building open to public on Construction Day (Dag van de Bouw)

11 June 2015

The 10th national Construction Day will take place on Saturday 13 June. During this event, building and infrastructure projects throughout the Netherlands are opened to the public for one day only. This year, TU Delft is also taking part by opening the new building of the Faculty of Applied Sciences to the public.Continue


Delft Global Research Fellowships: science and technology to tackle global problems

10 June 2015

Making prostheses using a smart combination of 3D printing and a smartphone app. Turning polluted water into safe drinking water using nanotechnology and sunlight. Applying innovative DNA-based technology to develop affordable and easily manageable diagnostic tools for tropical diseases such as malaria. Continue


Breakthrough material for printed solar cells (from TU Delta)

09 June 2015

The TU patented a new cheap base material for semi-organic perovskite solar cells. “This is going to be consequential.”Continue


ERC Advanced Grant for unravelling pedestrian and cyclist flows in cities

09 June 2015

TU Delft's Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for five-year research into traffic theory for pedestrians and cyclists. The Advanced Grant is a grant for up to 2.5 million euros from the European Research Council for excellent, established researchers carrying out innovative and ground-breaking research. Continue


The Netherlands and the United States join forces in neurorehabilitation research

03 June 2015
Photo: Netherlands Embassy, Richard Koek

In the presence of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the United States today between IMDI NeuroControl, in which TU Delft is the coordinating university, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), confirming the two parties’ collaboration in neurorehabilitation research.Continue

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