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Graphene supercurrents go ballistic

27 July 2015

Scientists at TU Delft and Leiden University have observed supercurrents in graphene that bounce back and forth between the edges of the graphene without scattering along the way. Supercurrents are electrical currents that flow even when there is no voltage applied. They can be induced in graphene by bringing it in contact with a superconducting material. The ability to create such ballistic...Continue


Important milestone towards understanding DNA replication

24 July 2015

Researchers of TU Delft have shed light on the manner in which the process of DNA replication is stopped in the E. coli bacterium. The research is an important milestone towards understanding DNA replication in general, and how the unavoidable errors made during this process are corrected.Continue


Art on TU Delft campus: ode to the engineer

23 July 2015

On Monday 27 July, TU Delft students will be installing their self-built artwork Street Light Evolution on the university campus, as an ode to the engineer. The artwork shows the development of street lights over the centuries. It was previously on display at the Amsterdam Light Festival and has now been given a permanent place next to the pond in front of the faculty of Industrial Design...Continue


150 models of art-gallery the Kunsthal in the Kunsthal

22 July 2015
Photo Marcel Kollen

At the end of the third year of their studies, the students at the Faculty of Archtecture are required to perform a Bachelor’s assignment with the working title Gebouw&Techniek (Buildings and Technology). The past two years they had to create a new or improved Kunsthal in nine weeks. Their models are exhibited until 30 August in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam.Continue


ERC Advanced Grant for research on global terrorism and collective moral responsibility

21 July 2015

Professor Seumas Miller of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of TU Delft has been awarded an European Research Grant of 2.5 million euros for a five-year research project on global terrorism and collective moral responsibility.Continue


Veni grants for Delft talents

17 July 2015

Seven promising TU Delft researchers have received Veni grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The grants will enable them to develop ideas and conduct research over a period of three years. Continue


Medical equipment doesn't 'match' in humanitarian aid situations

10 July 2015

The transfer and use of 'normal' complex medical equipment to and in disaster areas lead to many problems. Industrial design engineers are ideally situated to tackle this mismatch, says Ana Laura Santos. She will defend her PhD-thesis on this subject at the TU Delft on Friday July 10th.Continue


Title of ‘Simon Stevin Meester 2015’ goes to Delft physicist Wiro Niessen

08 July 2015

The STW Technology Foundation has awarded Wiro Niessen, Professor of Biomedical Imaging at Erasmus MC and TU Delft, the title of ‘Simon Stevin Meester 2015’. He received this prize for his research into computer-aided disease prediction systems.Continue


“Advance, by Jupiter!” Together bacteria invade antibiotic landscapes

07 July 2015

Antibiotics kill bacteria – or at least they are supposed to, although unfortunately this does not always result in a cure. Scientists at TU Delft's Kavli Institute of Nanoscience have discovered that bacteria can colonise environments in which there are deadly quantities of antibiotics, without becoming genetically resistant. In order to achieve this, the bacteria need to work together in large...Continue


TU Delft researcher Martijn Wisse appointed first professor of Biorobotics in the Netherlands

06 July 2015

TU Delft has appointed Martijn Wisse as professor of Biorobotics at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), making him the first professor of Biorobotics in the Netherlands. His appointment will strengthen TU Delft’s research and education on nature-inspired robot designs and cooperation between humans and robots.Continue


Relaxing in the rear seat on holiday: play a game using your back

06 July 2015

Car passenger comfort can be increased through the use of ‘active seating’: playing a game using sensors in the back rest of the rear seat that respond to upper body movements. Test subjects feel fitter after using the active seating. This is one of the conclusions of industrial design engineer Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, who will be awarded her PhD on the subject of comfortable passenger...Continue


Prof. dr. Ekkes Brück nominated for Huibregtsenprijs 2015

06 July 2015

With his research on magnetic cooling and the breakthrough of the manganese-iron-phosphorus-Silicon alloy, professor Ekkes Bruck of the Faculty of Applied Aciences at TU Delft, is nominated for the Huibregtsenprijs 2015. The jury has nominated seven out of the total of 24 entries. The price will be handed over by the Minister of education, culture and science on Monday 5 October 2015, during the...Continue


Smart sink

01 July 2015

A smart sink, a social power strip and an interactive window. These are just a few examples of the interactive product concepts designed by 22 Delft students that could be experienced at the Exhibition of Interactive Technology Design on Wednesday 1 July.Continue

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