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Student augments ultrasound resolution (from TU Delta)

18 April 2014

Master's student Inès Beekers (Applied Physics) was awarded the second prize of the Dutch Physics Society (NNV) for her bachelor's thesis on scanning tumours with ultrasound. Continue


Next Generation Infrastructures MOOC starts on 23 April

24 April 2014

The Next Generation Infrastructures free online course starts on 23 April. This fifth TU Delft MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will give those participating the opportunity to learn about the complexity of infrastructures, including those for transport, electricity, telephony and internet, water and sewage. It should also be mentioned that a follow-up to this new MOOC will be available from...Continue


‘Organise the Olympic Games in a region’

23 April 2014

Good spatial planning for the Olympic Games is not a simple task. For example, many Olympic accommodations can no longer be used after the event, falling into decay afterwards. Architecture students Julius Kirchert and Jos Reinders are looking at the spatial planning mistakes of the last six Summer Olympics. They used these to formulate a set of lessons/rules for how this could be done better,...Continue


TU Delft wins generous share of prizes for open education

22 April 2014

This year, the global OpenCourseWare Consortium has given TU Delft no less than four ‘Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence’. The consortium is the largest international organisation in the field of open education. Over 250 education institutions and related organisations that share course material freely via the Internet are affiliated to the consortium. Continue


TU Delft research brings significant improvement in genetic analysis of tumours

16 April 2014

Every tumour is unique and requires specific treatment. A thorough and complete analysis of the genetic activity in the tumour cells is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment. Researchers at TU Delft, in collaboration with researchers from Columbia University and the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital have achieved significant improvements in this type of analysis. The results were...Continue


Online course Credit Risk Management

14 April 2014

On 15 April 2014, TU Delft’s fourth MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will be launched: An Introduction to Credit Risk Management. The free online course gives an introduction to modelling credit risk and hedging against it. More than 17,000 participants have applied for the course and applications are still being submitted. Continue


Fruit flies, fighter jets use similar nimble tactics when under attack

11 April 2014
F Muijres/U of Washington

When startled by predators, tiny fruit flies respond like fighter jets – employing screaming-fast banked turns to evade attacks. This was one of the results of a study undertaken at the University of Washington, as published in Science on 11 April. Among the American scientists, the list of authors also includes the name of Johan Melis, a student from Delft. This research was his final project...Continue


MOOCs: where is Europe?

07 April 2014

On 4 and 5 April executives of European universities gathered in Brussels to discuss Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching. Continue


MoU Kenya Meteorological Service and TU Delft/OSU weather station project TAHMO

06 April 2014

The Kenya Meteorological Service (KMS) and the TU Delft/Oregon State University project TAHMO (Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to serve as a framework for long-term collaboration. The purpose of this collaboration is the development of a robust network of automatic weather stations (AWS) in Kenya. Two activities will take place in the...Continue


DiTTLab will be a ‘playground’ for traffic research at TU Delft

10 April 2014

‘How cool would it be to be able to reconstruct an existing strip of infrastructure into something completely new with a few clicks of your mouse and then start experimenting with linked driving simulators? And then to mix this virtual world with the real world?’ TU Delft is setting up a ‘playground’ to turn imaginary scenarios like this into reality. It will be called the DiTTLab, which stands...Continue


Delft training system for keyhole surgery provides greater insight into forces

31 March 2014

Keyhole surgery is particularly difficult, so good training for surgeons is essential. Tim Horeman has improved several aspects of this training. He has demonstrated that force and motion measurements give an objective assessment of a surgeon’s skills, and that direct feedback on the force applied enhances the learning effect. On Tuesday 1 April, Horeman has been awarded his PhD at TU Delft for...Continue

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