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Nuna in South Africa

26 September 2016

The SASOL Solar Challenge, the longest solar race in the world, began this Saturday 24 September in South Africa: an eight-day race from Pretoria to Cape Town. The Nuon Solar Team defends the title with an improved version of solar car Nuna8 that won the team the World Championship last year in Australia: Nuna8s. Continue


TU Delft and Utrecht University expose ‘hidden layers’ in fungi

23 September 2016

If we are to tame fungi and optimize their extremely important role in our ecosystem, we must gain a more complete view of their functional abilities. Researchers from TU Delft and Utrecht University have exposed a previously hidden layer of functional complexity in fungi. They publish their findings on Friday September 23th in Nature Scientific Reports.Continue


Climate change intensifies night-time storms over Lake Victoria

23 September 2016
Lake Victoria, Kenya. Credit: Sergei Kazakov /

Lake Victoria in East Africa will become a hotspot for hazardous thunderstorms due to climate change. This is shown by an international study published in Nature Communications on the 23rd of September. Stef Lhermitte (TU Delft) analysed the differences between storms during the day (which occur mainly over land) and during the night (occur mainly over the lake). Continue


TU Delft rises further in THE ranking

21 September 2016

This year TU Delft has risen to the 59th place in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Last year TU Delft was ranked 65th and in 2014 71st. University rankings are often consulted by international students and scientists who want to study or work abroad.Continue


AMS launches research programme Roboat

19 September 2016
Image: MIT Senseable City Lab

AMS Institute launches Roboat: the world’s first major research program on autonomous floating vessels in metropolitan areas. Roboat will be conducted by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Delft University of Technology (TUD) and Wageningen University and Research (WUR). The five-year program has a budget of €25 million and is set in Amsterdam.Continue


TU Delft's biplane helicopter delftAcopter flies with a single propeller

19 September 2016

Researchers at TU Delft have developed a new hybrid drone that takes off like a helicopter before tilting 90 degrees and then continuing to fly like an aircraft. The drone does this using mainly a single large propeller, which means that it has hardly any unnecessary control actuators on board when in flight. This makes the unmanned aircraft, known as the ‘delftAcopter’, suitable for providing...Continue


Jan Bos travels at 124.73 km/h in Speed Challenge on high-tech recumbent bike designed by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam

19 September 2016

Earlier today, students attending TU Delft and VU Amsterdam became the third fastest student team at a bicycle speed race in the USA. Former Olympic ice skater Jan Bos raced on behalf of the student team in the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Bos recorded a top speed of 124.73 km/h on the lightning-fast Velox 6: a high-tech, aerodynamic recumbent bike designed and built by TU Delft and VU...Continue


YES!Delft Labs opened

12 September 2016
Picture: Ralph Reedeker

On 8 September 2016, YES!Delft Labs was officially opened: 2,500m2 of office accommodation and 900m2 of laboratory space for start-ups and growing businesses. With it, TU Delft is offering technological and industrial biotech businesses the opportunity to develop.Continue


TU Delft rises slightly in QS Ranking

06 September 2016

This year, TU Delft has risen two places in the worldwide QS Ranking, from 64 to 62, thus maintaining its number 2 position in the Netherlands.Continue


Mathematical model developed 100 years ago used to improve weather and climate models

05 September 2016

“The Russian mathematician Andrei Markov (1856–1922) could never have suspected that his Markov chains would be used for weather and climate models more than a century later,” says Jesse Dorrestijn, who saw an opportunity to improve the models that describe the cloud formation process, using a scientific work from long ago. Dorrestijn did his PhD research at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI),...Continue


Joris Dik helps reconstruct Dutch masterpieces on TV

06 September 2016

On the AVROTROS TV programme ‘Het geheim van de Meester’ (The Master's Secret), a team of experts led by presenter Jasper Krabbé reconstructs six different Dutch masterpieces in a series of six episodes. TU Delft's materials science expert Prof. Joris Dik appears as one of the experts in the series, joining art restorer Michel van de Laar, carpenter Berd Visscher and artist Charlotte Caspers. The...Continue


ERC Starting Grants for promising TU Delft researchers

30 August 2016

Two promising TU Delft researchers are awarded an ERC Starting Grant by the European Research Council: Daniel Tam and Sander Wahls of the faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering. ERC Starting Grants are designed to encourage young talented research leader to gain independence in Europe and to build their own careers. The researchers receive 1.5 million euro to set up a 5 year...Continue


NS unveils new train with toilets designed at TU Delft

30 August 2016

On Tuesday 30 August, Dutch passenger railway operator NS introduced a new train model containing a new toilet design developed by TU Delft doctoral candidate Marian Loth from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The design is unique in that, in addition to a normal toilet, the cubicle also contains a urinal for men. This ensures that the toilet bowl stays cleaner and makes trips to the...Continue

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