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TU Delft's ambulance drone drastically increases chances of survival of cardiac arrest patients

27 October 2014

Graduate student Alec Momont of TU Delft has designed an unmanned, autonomously navigating mini aeroplane that can quickly deliver a defibrillator to where it is needed. A network of such drones could significantly increase the chance of survival following a cardiac arrest: from 8% to 80%!Continue


Quality of university campuses is crucial for Europe

23 October 2014

The quality of university campuses has to be an essential part of the EU strategy for growth in the next few decades. That is the view of Alexandra den Heijer and George Tzovlas of TU Delft in their book, ‘The European campus – heritage and challenges’. The authors assert that the quality of European universities and their campuses are crucially important for education, research, and innovation,...Continue


Framing for freedom (from TU Delta)

20 October 2014

Industrial designer Hakim Sugito MSc. developed a frame to stabilize cameras while filming. He hopes that the system called Waltz will give independent filmmakers more freedom.Continue


20,000th enrolment at TU Delft

21 October 2014

For the first time in its history, TU Delft has 20,000 students. Pip Schuijt from Amsterdam is the lucky 20,000th student to have enrolled this year. She has been taking a Bachelor’s degree programme in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford in the UK, and is now taking the bridging programme in order to be able to start on the Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree programme next year....Continue


TU Delft's Prof. P.M. Herder joins Top Team for Energy

16 October 2014

Paulien Herder, Professor of Engineering Systems Design in Energy & Industry at TU Delft will join the Dutch government's Top Team for Energy (Topteam Energie) on 1 November. In the team, she will be representing Dutch knowledge institutions. Continue


Sand Motor monitoring campaign MegaPEX2014: ‘Really intense research’(from TU Delta)

10 October 2014

Researchers from all over the world have gathered on a Dutch beach and put on their wetsuits. They are measuring currents, waves and sand erosion as part of a measuring campaign organised by TU Delft.Continue


Clouds monitored extensively during 8 week international monitoring campaign

07 October 2014

On Tuesday October 7th, the international monitoring campaign ACCEPT (Analysis of the Composition of mixed-phase Clouds with Extended Polarization Techniques) will kick-off at the CESAR monitoring site (Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research) near Cabauw (The Netherlands). For a period of eight weeks, scientists from several meteorological knowledge institutes from Germany and the...Continue

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