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Chopping up viral DNA and tracing atomic magnets (from TU Delta)

30 March 2015

Delft scientists received two grants last week from the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) for research on the immune system of bacteria and on magnetism.Continue


Student Zaid Thanawala winner finals Shell Bachelor Master award

09 March 2015

On Wednesday March 25 Zaid Thanawala, student Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft, won the Shell Bachelor Master award for his master theses on efficient solar to hydrogen conversion.Continue


Sustainable-smart-resilient-low-carbon-eco-knowledge cities? Choose your label carefully

25 March 2015

Smart cities, eco cities, sustainable cities, intelligent cities. Researchers from TU Delft, Fudan University (China) and Westminster University (UK) conclude that it makes quite a difference which ‘label’ a metropolitan area chooses. This week they report on their findings in the Journal of Cleaner Production.Continue


Awards for open education courses at TU Delft

27 March 2015

This year, three TU Delft courses have won Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence from the world-wide Open Education Consortium. This consortium is the largest international organisation in the field of open education. Hundreds of educational institutions and similar organisations that share course material freely via the internet are affiliated to the consortium. The awards will be presented at...Continue


TU Delft Symposium on Scientific Forecasting and Uncertainty (01/04)

30 March 2015

The future is uncertain. Forecasting (making scientifically based predictions) can reduce this uncertainty to some degree, but it can never eliminate it completely. Good risk management requires an adequate description of the uncertainties that remain. On Wednesday 1 April, TU Delft will host a symposium on the subject of new scientific techniques for describing uncertainties, and the methods...Continue


The Netherlands can play a leading role in the European energy market

24 March 2015

What will Europe look like in the year 2050? And most importantly, how can we start preparing now for major and complex changes in our energy infrastructure, while also ensuring that the Dutch economy continues to prosper? That is central question of The Delft Plan: the Netherlands as Europe’s Energy Gateway. The plan is TU Delft’s proposal to initiate a movement to harness the power of the...Continue


Velox V specialised for sprint (from TU Delta)

23 March 2015

The Human Power Team Velox 2015 presented their design for the new recumbent bike last Thursday. The student team chose to focus on the world speed record event next September. Continue


Grand Opening Bioprocess Pilot Facility

19 March 2015

On March 19th the first pretreatment of woodchips was started in the newly built pretreatment pilot plant in the new extension of the Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) in Delft. The BPF is an open access facility for scale up of sustainable production processes from labscale to commercial scale. TU Delft is one of its founders. Continue


As the Earth’s temperature rises, clouds become thinner: extra warming is the result

19 March 2015

Stratocumulus clouds develop less thickness in a climate with increasing temperatures. This in turn leads to extra warming of the climate. This is the conclusion arrived at by Sara dal Gesso, a scientist at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KMNI). She has researched common cloud formations and their role in climate change. On Wednesday 18 March, she was be awarded her PhD at TU...Continue


Delft and Copenhagen join forces to create quantum computer

18 March 2015

Delft-based QuTech and the Danish Niels Bohr Institute have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday 17 March, in the presence of the King and Queen of the Netherlands and the Danish prime minister. Both institutes are internationally renowned for their work in the field of quantum technology. They are looking to work together more closely and to establish broad-based, international...Continue


Turning sunlight into plastics (from TU Delta)

12 March 2015

Enzymes, water, some titanium dioxide and heaps of sunlight. These are the ingredients with which Dr. Frank Hollmann wants to revolutionize chemical industry. ‘It is very simple. I can't believe nobody thought of it before.’Continue


TU Delft just outside Top 50 in 2015 THE Reputation Rankings

12 March 2015

In the new Times Higher Education magazine World Reputation Rankings, TU Delft has secured a shared 51-60th position, making it the fourth highest European university of technology in this ranking.Continue


How academia can collaborate with industry

10 March 2015

Not all academic and industrial organizations and scientists are aware of the possibilities and pitfalls of industrial-academic collaboration. The most important factor is a willingness of industrial and academic collaborators to understand and respect each other’s core objectives, Jack Pronk, professor at Delft University of Technology, states in the March issue of Nature Biotechnology. Together...Continue


Peter Russell appointed as the new dean of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

09 March 2015

After a careful international recruitment process, the Executive Board has appointed Peter Russell as dean of TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment effective 1 May 2015. Continue

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