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Spark(l)ing new materials (from TU Delta)

18 September 2014

As a rapid succession of electric sparks generates nanosized metal particles, it opens the way to produce new energy materials in bulk, discovered Tobias Pfeiffer in his PhD research.Continue


TU Delft again improves its position in QS Rankings

16 September 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, TU Delft has risen in the QS World University Rankings. TU Delft is now ranked 86th (95th in 2013) in the worldwide university rankings. In the subcategory of 'Engineering & Technology' TU Delft ranks 16th (15th in 2013) and takes the 79th position in 'Natural Sciences' (not included in 2013). Compared to the other Dutch universities, TU Delft ranks 4th overall...Continue


TU Delft opens research institute for technology and sport

17 September 2014

How can athletes go faster and jump higher, with less resistance? These are just the kind of technological questions TU Delft can provide answers to, which is why the University is now pooling all its teaching and research expertise in the area of sport in the new TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute. Today (Wednesday 17 September) sees the official opening of the institute in the Faculty of...Continue


International Sand Motor measuring campaign underway: MegaPEX2014

16 September 2014

A major measuring campaign involving the Sand Motor is taking place from 15 September to 27 October, featuring international researchers from all kinds of disciplines. It is entitled MegaPEX2014. For this six-week period, a great deal of extra equipment will be added to the standard measuring equipment already in place. In total, more than twenty different measurement set-ups will be used that...Continue


Marjan Hagenzieker (SWOV) professor Traffic Safety at Delft University of Technology

15 September 2014

As of 1 September, Dr Marjan Hagenzieker, employed by SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, has been appointed full professor Traffic Safety at Delft University of Technology. One of the themes that she will focus on, is how to ensure road safety in modern urban environments with many different kinds of road users and divergent interests.Continue


Online mathematics course for high school students

13 September 2014

TU Delft is going to offer a free online Pre-University Calculus course. This mathematics course is part of the edX High School Initiative, which was launched on 10 September and consists of 26 free online courses (MOOC’s) covering a wide variety of subjects preparing participants for future education. TU Delft is the first and so far the only European university participating in this initiative.Continue


Zapping the leaves from the rails (from TU Delta)

10 September 2014

When leaves are falling this autumn, a number of them will be zapped from the rails by an on-board laser system. TU researchers will test its effectivity.Continue


USAID grants for Delft water projects TAHMO and aQysta

03 September 2014

Two TU Delft related projects - the Trans African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) and spinoff aQysta - have just won an award in the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) challenge ‘Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development’. This was announced on September 1st during the World Water Week in Stockholm. The two Delft nominees, together with the fifteen other...Continue


Body-cooling vest combats hot flushes

08 September 2014

A body-cooling vest that can automatically detect a hot flush on the skin and responds by activating cooling elements integrated within the clothing: that is the idea that has been developed by Geertje Hofstee, who will graduate from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of TU Delft on Friday, 5 September.Continue


A single molecule device for mobile phones

02 September 2014

Researchers from the Delft University of Technology, Groningen University and the FOM Foundation have designed a single molecule which can act as a useful building block in nanometer-size circuits. They found that the molecule functions as a resonant tunneling device, an essential component in mobile phones and WiFi. In conventional semiconductor technology, these devices have a complicated...Continue


Less evaporation in East Africa leads to drought in West Africa

02 September 2014

The extent of evaporation in one area can have a significant impact on precipitation in another, distant area. This is one of the research conclusions reached by Ruud van der Ent, who will be awarded a PhD for his work on this subject on Tuesday, 2 September, at TU Delft.Continue


Tiny graphene drum could form future quantum memory

25 August 2014

Scientists from TU Delft’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience have demonstrated that they can detect extremely small changes in position and forces on very small drums of graphene. Graphene drums have great potential to be used as sensors in devices such as mobile phones. Using their unique mechanical properties, these drums could also act as memory chips in a quantum computer. The researchers...Continue

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