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Victims plain crash 17 July

21 July 2014

The university community is shocked by the plane crash that took place on July 17. The scale and the circumstances of the disaster have filled us with horror. Our thoughts go out to the victims and the bereaved.Continue


TU Delft Formula Student team wins Silverstone

17 July 2014

The Formula Student team of TU Delft, DUT Racing, has achieved the first success of the season; the team won the Formula Student UK on the Silverstone circuit last weekend. The TU Delft electrical race car finished just ahead of the University of Stuttgart in the design and racing competition for universities. "It was nerve-racking, because we had our share of problems. During the final trial,...Continue


Team Prêt-à-Loger makes a statement Solar Decathlon 2014

12 July 2014

How can we make existing cities more sustainable on a large scale and raise the inhabitants' awareness of their energy consumption? The TU Delft student team showed how this can be achieved during the Solar Decathlon 2014, the Olympic Games of sustainable construction, which was held in Versailles over the past two weeks. With their submission Prêt-à-Loger: Home with a skin, the TU Delft team...Continue


Spin waves in bits observed for the first time

04 July 2014

Every time you write a bit on a hard disk, countless waves run through the bit for several picoseconds; these are called spin waves. It is almost impossible to determine exactly how these waves influence the flipping process of the entire bit. Researchers at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience of TU Delft have successfully observed spin waves for the first time in a bit that they created...Continue


A new polymer extends the lifespan of concrete by at least 20 years

03 July 2014

A biopolymer that can be produced from waste water, alginate, extends the lifespan of concrete. It also seems to be suitable for use as a clothing fibre or protective paint coating. ‘Alginate has great potential,’ says physical chemist Professor Stephen Picken in the newest issue of Delft Outlook, the science and alumni magazine of TU Delft, which will be published on 4 July. Theme of this issue...Continue


33 shades of sustainability (from TU Delta)

04 July 2014

Sustainability is business since municipalities demand contractors to deliver 'extra value' in terms of sustainable performance of tunnels for instance.Continue


Solar MOOC students from Nepal, Ecuador, Algeria and Myanmar follow solar-energy laboratory course

27 June 2014

‘With the knowledge gained at TU Delft, I can develop training programmes in Nepal, so that the people can make use of clean energy,’ says Bisarad Trital. He is one of the four international MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) students who will be attending a laboratory course week in TU Delft's PV Solar Lab starting on Monday 30 June. Continue


The future of wastewater treatment

27 June 2014

Important advances in activated sludge sewage treatment can and will improve its energy use and resource recovery, Mark van Loosdrecht (TU Delft) and Damir Brdjanovic (UNESCO-IHE) predict in the June 27 issue of Science. The TU Delft is a key player in these technological developments. UNESCO-IHE provides leading educational programmes on sanitary engineering for mainly developing countries. Continue


TU Delft Solar Boat Team ready for solar boat race

27 June 2014

Next weekend, the TU Delft Solar Boat Team will report to the start of the DONG Energy Solar Challenge with their own home-designed boat. They hope that their new design and smart strategy will enable them to finish each stage in record time and help them to bring the solar boat world championship title to Delft for the very first time. The race takes place in the Netherlands from 28 June until 5...Continue


Flood Proof Holland II: more room for innovative alternatives to the sandbag

26 June 2014

Thursday 3 July is the date of the festive reopening of the improved test and demonstration polder for innovative temporary flood defences: Flood Proof Holland II.Continue

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