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Researchers demonstrate error-corrected building block of a quantum computer

05 May 2016

Quantum computers are based on qubits that, unlike classical bits, can not only take the values 0 or 1 but can also be 0 and 1 at the same time. Unfortunately this quantum information is very fragile and thus gets lost easily. A team of scientists led by Tim Taminiau at QuTech in Delft has demonstrated for the first time that errors in quantum computations can be detected and actively corrected,...Continue


TU Delft best Dutch university in THE Reputation Rankings

04 May 2016

In the new Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, TU Delft maintains a shared 51-60th position, just like in 2015. TU Delft is now the highest-ranking Dutch university on this list. Continue


Tiny batteries for superconductivity

02 May 2016

The current in any lightbulb flows due to a difference in voltage, to overcome the electrical resistance. But not in superconductors, where the current doesn’t experience any resistance. Superconductive currents require a phase difference to flow, which so far required energy to create. Scientist from QuTech at Delft University built a so called Phi0 Josephson Junction, that has a phase...Continue


TU Delft researchers develop tool to group cancer patients and offer tailor-made solutions

03 May 2016

TU Delft researchers have developed a tool that offers a simple means of comparing cancer patients in order to gain increased insight into various forms of cancer and help develop tailor-made treatments. The researchers have published their findings in the online open-access journal Scientific Reports.Continue


Royal honours for three TU Delft professors

26 April 2016

This year, TU Delft professors Peter Boelhouwer, Tim van der Hagen and Frans van der Helm each received a royal honour.Continue


Scientists at TU Delft take next step towards observing quantum physics in real life

21 April 2016

Small objects like electrons and atoms behave according to quantum mechanics, with quantum effects like superposition, entanglement and teleportation. One of the most intriguing questions in modern science is if large objects – like a coffee cup - could also show this behavior. Scientists at the TU Delft have taken the next step towards observing quantum effects at everyday temperatures in large...Continue


Robot arm for Duchenne patients

21 April 2016

Gerard Dunning helped to develop a robotic arm-support aid for Duchenne patients. On Friday 22 April, he will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on the subject.Continue


Dutch hospitals could be greatly improved with 'healing environments'

18 April 2016

Those involved in designing and constructing hospitals often have little scientific knowledge of ‘healing environments’: the positive influence of the physical environment on the health and wellbeing of patients. This is the conclusion drawn by architect Milee Herweijer, who will be defending her doctoral dissertation on the subject at TU Delft on Friday 22 April. Among her suggestions is a...Continue


Efficient ‘electricity traffic lights’ made from a single molecule

18 April 2016

Diodes are the ‘traffic lights’ of electrical devices: they determine whether or not electricity is able to pass through a circuit. Chip manufacturers strive to make them as small as possible, so that they can fit the maximum possible amount of components on a chip. When the ‘lights’ are green, the diodes need to ensure a good flow of traffic, but they also need to ensure that as little...Continue


TU Delft is working on solutions to global problems in Africa

12 April 2016

New, affordable housing for rapidly growing African cities, better water management in the Zambezi river basin, better and easier diagnosis for tuberculosis and malaria, and cheap electricity generated from biogas in rural areas. These are the themes of a new series of research projects, for which TU Delft will recruit seven new doctoral candidates. Under the supervision of leading researchers,...Continue


Two ERC Advanced Grants for TU Delft researchers

07 April 2016

Two TU Delft researchers have been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. Yuli Nazarov and Jack Pronk will both receive this European grant, which is only awarded to five-year projects conducted by internationally established research leaders.Continue

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