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One Million enrolments in TU Delft online courses

18 July 2016

Today, TU Delft reached one million enrolments in its Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Anka Mulder, vice-president of TU Delft: ‘I am proud that we enable hundreds of thousands learners from all around the world to gain access to the knowledge and expertise of TU Delft through open online courses.’ Continue


Smallest hard disk to date writes information atom by atom

18 July 2016

Every day, modern society creates more than a billion gigabytes of new data. To store all this data, it is increasingly important that each single bit occupies as little space as possible. A team of scientists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University managed to bring this reduction to the ultimate limit: they built a memory of 1 kilobyte (8,000 bits), where each bit is...Continue


Delft University sub wins European International Submarine Races

15 July 2016

The WASUB student team of Delft University of Technology won the European International Submarine Races with its human-powered submarine. The team’s sub completed the course in a record time of just 78.3 seconds, more than 6 seconds faster compared to the previous record. It put the team significantly ahead of the competition, which includes student teams from all over the world. Pilot Bram...Continue


Eight Veni grants for promising TU Delft researchers

18 July 2016

Eight researchers who have recently obtained their PhD have been awarded a Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The grants will enable them to develop ideas and conduct research at TU Delft over a period of three years.Continue


A 3D printed mannequin of Tom Dumoulin in the TU Delft wind tunnel helps gain a competitive advantage

14 July 2016

During the big Tour de France time trial on 15 July, Tom Dumoulin will be cycling in a new skinsuit, jointly developed by Team Giant-Alpecin and the TU Delft. The university applied an innovative method to research the aerodynamics of the suit: Dumoulin’s body was first scanned, after which a 3D mannequin of his body was printed. The drag of this mannequin – each time with a different suit – was...Continue


Simple solution makes hydrogen production through solar water splitting more efficient and cheaper

13 July 2016

Researchers from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), in collaboration with colleagues from the École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL), have found a simple yet very effective solution to greatly increase the efficiency and stability of hydrogen production through solar-driven water splitting. By separating the positive and the negative electrodes using a bipolar membrane, they were...Continue


Nano-switches for superconductivity

11 July 2016

Scientists at TU Delft, together with colleagues from the Tübingen University, have successfully created nano-electronic circuits using a recently discovered two-dimensional superconductor.Continue


Digital help for operating room assistants

04 July 2016

There is still much to be gained when it comes to how operating rooms (OR) are organised. Such advances would help to avoid medical errors. Researcher Annetje Guédon has succeeded in implementing several concrete technological improvements for the OR. On Tuesday, 5 July 2016, she will obtain her doctorate from TU Delft with research into this subject.Continue


Team Delft wins Amazon Picking Challenge

02 July 2016

A team of engineers from Delft has won the Amazon Picking Challenge 2016. Team Delft won the two separate picking and stowing finals, making them a double champion.Continue


Hyperloop pod unveiled by Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp

30 June 2016

This morning in front of a large crowd, Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp unveiled the Hyperloop pod of the Delft Hyperloop Team. Later this year, the team will compete with other teams in the final of the Hyperloop Pod Competition in California. The competition is an initiative of entrepreneur Elon Musk, well-known from Tesla Motors and SpaceX, who wants to promote the development of...Continue


TU Delft helps make Team Giant-Alpecin cyclists even faster

27 June 2016
Photo: Cor Vos - Team Giant-Alpecin

TU Delft and the professional cycling team Giant-Alpecin (which includes Tom Dumoulin) plan to conduct joint scientific research to enable cyclists to increase their speed by a few precious seconds. The two parties today announced plans for structural collaboration.Continue

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