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TU Delft helps make Team Giant-Alpecin cyclists even faster

27 June 2016
Photo: Cor Vos - Team Giant-Alpecin

TU Delft and the professional cycling team Giant-Alpecin (which includes Tom Dumoulin) plan to conduct joint scientific research to enable cyclists to increase their speed by a few precious seconds. The two parties today announced plans for structural collaboration.Continue


TU Delft submarine edges out Olympic swimmer Stolk

24 June 2016

On Wednesday 22 June, the TU Delft student team WASUB pitted the human-controlled submarine of their own design and build against Olympic swimmer Kyle Stolk, who will be competing in Rio for the Netherlands. The WASUB team edged Stolk out by 1.5 seconds. It was man versus machine at the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium in Eindhoven.Continue


Seven professors receive double appointment during Medical Delta Event

20 June 2016

On Tuesday 21 June 2016, seven Medical Delta professors will receive their double appointment to Leiden University, the LUMC, TU Delft and/or the Erasmus MC Rotterdam. These double appointments help to unite the worlds of medicine (Leiden and Rotterdam), drug research (Leiden) and technology (Delft).Continue


Mathematicians simulate the formation of burn scars

17 June 2016

TU Delft PhD candidate Daniël Koppenol developed a mathematical model for the simulation of burn scar formation. He collaborated closely with plastic surgeons of the RKZ Burn Centre Beverwijk and VUmc to develop the model. Koppenol: 'If we can learn to accurately predict how a wound will heal, we can use a treatment that minimises the formation of scar tissue.'Continue


TU Delft’s Biomechanical Engineering department official partner of CLHC center for forensic expertise

20 June 2016

The Biomechanical Engineering department at TU Delft has become an official partner of the Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Centrum (CLHC), the Amsterdam-based centyer for forensic expertise. Delft mechanical engineer Arjo Loeve and his colleagues have been collaborating with CLHC for a number of years. This includes developing tools for the field of forensics, such as a tool for sampling suspicious...Continue


Team Delft to compete in Amazon Picking Challenge

16 June 2016

A team of engineers from Delft is participating in the Amazon Picking Challenge at the end of June. During this challenge, robots will retrieve a wide range of products from shelves and put them in a container, and vice versa. According to the Delft team, robustness of the robot will be key to success.Continue


TU Delft develops free online programming course for children

15 June 2016

From 15 June, schoolchildren from the age of eight can learn to create a game online. The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), offered free of charge by TU Delft, uses Scratch, a simple programming language for children developed by MIT. Through the course the children gain a better understanding of Scratch and learn how to use it more effectively, enabling them to create their own games or build...Continue


Delft students get on their bikes to take on the battle against water in design competition

15 June 2016

The Netherlands have been battling against water for centuries. Water management is this year’s source of inspiration for the TU Delft Mechanical Engineering first-year students’ design competition. They will be taking on the water challenge, and each other, on Wednesday, 15 June during the annual design competition, with the task of designing an innovative, cycle-driven water pump. The goal?...Continue


Materials in motion

09 June 2016

How can we make new materials – developed for industry, for example – useful for ordinary people? This is the subject of the research being done by Kaspar Jansen, Professor of Emerging Materials at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. In his inaugural lecture at the Future Materials event on 17 June he takes us into the world of new, better and smarter materials that will...Continue


Road pricing policy implementation: flexible approach desirable

07 June 2016

Congestion, air pollution and road accidents. Each of these negative effects of traffic can be limited by implementing road pricing policy: measures that would see road users pay for using the roads, such as pay-as-you-drive schemes, tolls, rush-hour stickers or mileage rates. Road pricing policy is a promising alternative to constructing additional roads or the introduction of more traffic...Continue


Mathematical models for optimal coverage of emergency response services

06 June 2016

Providing the right care promptly in emergency situations. This is what emergency services stand for. On 6 June, the doctoral defence ceremony of mathematician Pieter van den Berg will take place at TU Delft. He developed models for optimising the logistics of emergency response vehicles. In his models he focuses on the following aspects: station location, routing of non-emergency journeys (for...Continue


Research Exhibition showcases promising research TU Delft

30 May 2016

Algea as building blocks for new materials, waves and ship motion, a new knee prosthesis, just three examples of promising Delft research being shown to business and industry on June 2nd during the TU Delft research Exhibition. This concept store showcases twenty Delft research projects. Continue

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