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Hide-and-seek: in some landscapes an effective strategy against predatory bacteria

10 February 2016

Predators and prey can be found across the tree of life, even among bacteria. Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus is one such bacterial predator, and an efficient killer of the prevalent E. coli bacterium. This bacterial predator enters its prey, devours it from the inside while dividing into four or six progenies. The predator bacteria then burst open their prey and start their hunt for the next. B....Continue


Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities put 90 international post-docs to work

08 February 2016

Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam, together with Erasmus University Medical Centre and Leiden University Medical Centre, have been awarded a European Marie Curie COFUND subsidy worth 6.3 million euros for a post-doc fellowship programme. This ‘LEaDing Fellow Post-doc Programme’ will provide more than 90 researchers who recently obtained a PhD, with...Continue


Jeroen van den Hoven in European Advisory Group 'Digital Ethics'

01 February 2016

European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli appointed TPM dean Jeroen van den Hoven in the Ethics Advisory Group, which consists of six digital ethics experts. Continue


TU Delft team runner-up in Hyperloop design competition

01 February 2016

Travelling in a capsule at enormous speeds from Amsterdam to Paris in reduced-pressure tubes: that is the idea behind the ‘Hyperloop’. Space technology company SpaceX and its founder Elon Musk launched a competition inviting teams of students to develop the concept. Last weekend, 124 teams from 20 countries presented their design to a jury of professors and experts from Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Continue


Perfect ‘run’ with feedback surfboard and cuddling up to a huggable sleep robot

26 January 2016

A feedback surfboard, a cuddly robot and a jungle car. These are just some of the tangible results of several minor programmes at TU Delft. On the afternoon of Thursday 28 January, you can see all of these items at the Exhibition of Minors at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.Continue


Natural air conditioning with Earth, Wind & Fire presents opportunities for vacant office buildings

27 January 2016

The so-called Earth, Wind & Fire concept for the natural ventilation of buildings offers good opportunities for Dutch office buildings according to Peter Swier, who is graduating on this topic at TU Delft on Thursday, 28 January. Continue


A smart look at how hormones affect our brain

26 January 2016

Making smart use of an existing ‘brain atlas’ provides a treasure trove of information on how hormones affect our brain. So published researchers from Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and TU Delft on 26 January in PNAS. The researchers applied data mining to the Allen Brain Atlas, an enormous dataset which records the activity of 20,000 genes in the mouse brain.Continue


TU Delft spin-off Eternal Sun acquires US company Spire Solar

26 January 2016

Eternal Sun has acquired US company Spire Solar. Both Eternal Sun and Spire Solar work on solar simulation technology that is used, among others, for the testing of solar panels. Eternal Sun’s technology was first developed at TU Delft.Continue


A step closer to artificial cell division – by blowing bubbles

22 January 2016

By blowing extremely small bubbles, researchers from the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) have found an efficient way of producing so-called liposomes – microscopic bubble-like structures often used to deliver medicine, but also a key to generating artificial cells. The scientists publish their findings in the online edition of Nature Communications on...Continue


Survey: earthquake risk undermines Groningen housing market and quality of life

22 January 2016

Researchers from Delft University of Technology and CMO/Stamm have been investigating the housing market in earthquake-prone areas of the Dutch province of Groningen. On 21 January, they presented their conclusions and recommendations to the National Coordinator for Groningen (NCG). Based upon their findings, they advise the NCG to continue the existing property-value enhancement scheme , offer...Continue


Three ERC Consolidator Grants for TU Delft researchers

21 January 2016

Three ERC Consolidator Grants have been awarded to TU Delft researchers. These European grants (2 million euro’s per project) are awarded for five year projects. Continue


Education award for Felienne Hermans’ online course

19 January 2016

The online course Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX, devised by Felienne Hermans, has been given the Wharton-QS gold education award in the category Regional Award Europe: the prize for the best education innovation project entry in Europe. She will be presented with the award by Dean Rob Fastenau on 21 January, during a meeting of the TU Delft Extension School, which supports online education...Continue


Location and design of nursing homes extremely important due to air pollution

19 January 2016

The elderly and people exercising are extra susceptible to the effects of air pollution. It is therefore advisable to take this into account when, for example, selecting the location of a new nursing home or fitness centre. Two Portuguese researchers will today obtain their doctorates from TU Delft for their research into this subject.Continue


Algae prove promising candidates for biodiesel production via 'survival of the fattest'

15 January 2016

Smart methods for cultivating algae bring the efficient production of biodiesel using algae in sight. On Tuesday 19 January, Peter Mooij will obtain his doctorate at TU Delft for his work on this subject. Continue


TU Delft enters new top 100 of most international universities

15 January 2016

TU Delft has secured 90th position in the Top 200 Most International Universities, a new ranking published by Times Higher Education (THE). THE remarks that the universities on the list distinguish themselves through attracting talented students from all around the world, by employing researchers from all corners of the globe and through collaboration with leading institutes.Continue

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