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STW grants 6.2 million for TU Delft research into nanoscopy and wind turbines

21 November 2014

The STW Technology Foundation and the business community will make a total of 6.2 million euros available to the UPON (Understanding Processes Using Operando Nanoscopy) and EUROS (Excellence in Uncertainty Reduction of Offshore wind Systems) research programmes. The first programme focuses on using electron microscopy to study material properties more accurately at the atomic level, while the...Continue


Alexandru Iosup named Best Teacher at TU Delft; Jörn Zimmerling Best Graduate

14 November 2014

On Thursday 13 November, Alexandru Iosup of the EEMCS faculty was named Best Teacher at TU Delft for the 2013-2014 academic year. Jörn Zimmerling, MSc, of the same faculty was named Best Graduate for the academic year.Continue


Zaid Al-Ars wins DIG-it Award for Fast DNA Analysis for Cancer Diagnosis

17 November 2014

Computer engineer Dr Zaid Al-Ars received the DIG-it Award on Tuesday 11 November during the TU Delft Research Exhibition. The award – worth 10,000 euros – was presented to Al-Ars for his innovative research into speeding up DNA analysis for diagnosing cancer.Continue


Bacterium detects landmine

14 November 2014

During the iGEM competition at MIT in Boston, a team of students from TU Delft, Leiden University and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences presented ELECTRACE, a bacterium that can be used to search for landmines. The team won the prize for the best microfluidics project.Continue


Icon status for Quantum Technology

13 November 2014

The Dutch government has awarded the status of National Icon to the research into Quantum Technology (QuTech). Minister Henk Kamp announced this today during the Innovation Conference in the Ridderzaal in The Hague, in the presence of King Willem-Alexander. "With quantum technology, the Netherlands belongs to the digital top. Due to the many potential applications in ICT and medicine, among other...Continue


Cooperation agreements between TU Delft and South Korea signed during trade mission

03 November 2014

Today in Seoul, South Korea, the Chair of the Executive Board, Dirk Jan van den Berg, and the President of the KAERI consortium, Jong Kyung Kim, signed the OYSTER contract between KHC and TU Delft, and the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between KAERI and TU Delft. His Majesty the King of the Netherlands and the President of South Korea were there to witness the signing.Continue


‘Take altruism into account when predicting human choice behaviour’

06 November 2014

Choice models assume that people are always rational and egocentric. But according to Caspar Chorus in his inaugural address at TU Delft on 5 November, this is not true. He thinks that we would do well to adjust the models, particularly in view of the fact that they often serve as a basis for making important investments, for example in infrastructure.Continue


Masters of expressions

03 November 2014

Painters of the Golden Age knew like no other how to convey human emotions convincingly. Hamdi Dibeklioğlu demonstrates this with software that recognizes expressions. His set-up is part of an exhibition in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem.Continue


Tim van der Hagen in Advisory council for Science, Technology and Innovation

29 October 2014

Dean Tim van der Hagen is appointed as member of the Advisory council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI), for a period of four years.Continue

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