169th Dies Natalis 2011, 7 January

TU Delft keeps moving

TU Delft is searching for solutions to urgent societal problems. How do we meet our energy needs while keeping the World livable? How can we stay healthy longer? But also: how can we ensure that a country can keep moving?

If the economy improves, road congestion will get worse, which will result in frustration and economic loss. Smarter cars, intelligent roads and public transport, better travel information: these are just a few examples of TU Delft technology that can help improve mobility.

Traffic flows

The Executive Board has invited Professor Serge Hoogendoorn from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences to take us on a journey into the world of traffic flow control on the 169th birthday of the university. This will make our journeys 'greener', more efficient and safer, particularly in critical situations.


  • Opening by Prof. Karel Luyben, Rector Magnificus TU Delft
    "TU Delft Keeps Moving" (speech in Dutch, pdf, 36 kB)
  • The Dies Natalis lecture by Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn:
    " Order in Traffic Chaos: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum! " (speech in Dutch, pdf, 412 kB)
  • Interlude
  • An honorary doctorate will be conferred on Prof. Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, Great Britain. The honourary supervisor is Prof. Wim Veen, full professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.
    Read the press release "Honorary doctorate for Hole in the wall"
  • Dirk Jan van den Berg, President of the Executive Board
    "Perspective 2017" (speech in pdf, 120 kB)
  • The Rector Magnificus will close the academic ceremony
  • Reception in the foyer, 1st floor

Honorary doctorate for 'Hole in the wall'


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