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Master of Science Embedded Systems



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120 EC, 24 months

Innovations made possible by embedded systems are making our lives healthier, more interesting, safer and more sustainable. These innovations are at the heart of industrial innovation and competitiveness, creating and sustaining jobs and economic well-being.

Embedded systems are hardware/software systems built into devices that are not necessarily  recognised’ as computerised devices, but these systems do control the functionality and perceived quality of these devices. Some specific examples of embedded systems include: controllers for systems within a car; the automatic pilot of an aircraft; the chip set and software for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs; wireless sensor networks for ambient intelligence, a pacemaker; and control systems embedded in robots/ mechatronic machines. The growth rate in the embedded systems industry is more than 10% per annum and, according to forecasts, there will be more than 40 billion devices worldwide by 2020.

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